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I am going to build the best directory about Costa Rica.  Looking for Owner Operated businesses of all kinds.  Hotels,  Restaurants, Tours, Bars, Nightclubs    are only a few.  Especially, the B & B and Hotels that are little known, as well as restaurants.  We are about enjoying the culture as well as the party, fishing and tour kinda thing.  Below is how it works.
Juan and his  8 reasons to sign up.
I am going  to use and example of Hotel ABC.  It matters not where it is ,  on the beach, jungle, mountains, etc.  We are going to have people that want to go there.  Funrunners travel is going to offer trips that bring people to Costa Rica, to party, fish, invest and retire .
So Juan, the owner of ABC  Hotel and restaurant/bar has a good business, fair prices and good service.   At first he says.  I do not need  I have a great business.  Then he realizes that does  advertising for him, and for their fee, they get rooms to bring him new customers.    So he says sign  me up with the hotel. 
He understands that for 2 nights room a month he gets the website and the hosting and the advertising and he will never get a bill, it will always be taken in rooms.   And He knows that the deal never changes, the rate will not go up no matter how big gets.     He may not hear from Funrunners Travel for a year and he got the call .  I need 24 nights  4 rooms for 6 nights each.  He receives an email with the names of the 4 people and the rooms are waiting when they arrive. 
   He realized that   was here to earn  their fee and  he recommended 4 local owned restaurants that have good food and good service.   built websites for the restaurants and they donated 8 meals a month.   
Well, Juan brought them to us,  so Juan gets  1 meal a month for his use, or for a gift or sell or whatever he wants to use them for.  
Juan Knows:
1. The person that stays with him will probably come back
2. They will likely tell their friends
3. They ate and drank at his restaurant while there
4. He got 1 meal a month from 4 other restaurants he signed up, for his use.
5. He paid no money for anything
6. He signed up in the beginning ,  He has a friend in
7.  He has a slow time and ask for help, He offered a  free     
       3rd night. emailed 100,000 travelers local and international
      and told them,  Juan at ABC Hotel was running a deal.  3 nights for the price of 2.
8. He saw that signing up early and making other owners  aware, 
      paid him in many ways.  He told a Tour operator that signed up and   
      got 2 tours  a year for prizes or his use.
NO matter what area of Costa Rica, sign up and get on the list. And tell the friends with small shops and stores and restaurants. We are looking for the real Costa Rica.
Now it could be  tours, Fishing, a restaurant, or a man that knows alot of people.  Click signup NOW.

Fastest email is  put
on subject line.

You are dealing with one man not a corporation, and I will do as I say..

The Whole Story
Our online magazine    We are going to be a real information source, only  recommended advertisers are going to be allowed.  And Juan was an original member  and  says well Juan, you have  a good operation and many people have been very pleased and have told us so.   If you want a 1/4 page ad in the online magazine with photos, video, live links , etc. For only
2 more rooms  a monthy.   Think it over and let me know, I think you will see the increase, but this is limited time only.  The Magazine is  going to be more than 50% real information about Costa Rica, Ads will be limited. 

And then we will producing a Television show Called Costa Rica Funrunners for Local TV stations in the USA. 
And our bigger operators may want ads on the show in the USA.  And for the smaller operator I  think
we can have a rotating  ad type deal , and get you all on TV in the USA and maybe Europe . Still working out the kinks and ideas.  We will make a movie and have your business in the movie.  Get involved... Feel free to make suggestions. (
Want to sponsor a movie let me know)
Estimated cost on the TV would be double the online magazine. in other words 4 rooms a month. 
And for  the smalller operator, and rotating ads maybe 2 more rooms a month.  I am going to make this work for all. is here to help make life a pleasure for us both..

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