Costa Rican Sales personal.
The way this works is simple,  build a career/ a good life and help people all at the same time.
YOU make 20% on everything you sign up for as long as you are working with us .  If you get a hotel, Bar, tour, restaurant or other business signed up on you are paid everytime a meal is served or a hotel room is sold from one of your clients, etc.
We are going to build a system of recommended places , and if you sign them up and it should be an easy sale, we are there to help them.   We bring people to their door,  We build a website in , we host it, we advertise it, we send people.  We run special deals for people to come to Costa Rica.  If they stay at your clients hotel  they will probably stay there again and also tell their friends.  If they eat at your clients restaurant and it is good they will eat there again.
You explain the way it works to them, if they want it , take some pictures and send to me in an email with company name on the subject line,  I WILL DO THEM FOR YOU UNTIL I CAN SHOW YOU HOW. .  In this email you have the name of their main website so I can go and the information for their site.  If they have no website,  send information in the email to me
until I have time to show you how to build them. This is your responsibility (building the site )included in the 20% commission. 
name of business 
name owner
name manager or contact
information about the place or service
remember take alot of photos,
I know it is a problem when you do not get paid until they sell but after they start selling they will always sell.  You will get paid as long as they are with us and you are with us.  Build your business and then protect it, go check on your people sometimes, just to say hi and let them know we are there working for them.  You can be making money from the people you sign up for years and years.  We have a great service and we are going after the owner operated only places, and we want the little out of the way places too. 
So, think about it and let me know if you want in.  email and put  I AM IN  on the subject line.  Send me a picture so I can put it on the website ,so people can look and see you and know you are who you say.  I am looking for honest hard working people, that want to build a business with  I suspect some of the best money makers will be owners that joined us early and saw what it did for their business. Then sold their friends.  Claim Your territory NOW.

Pick the area you want to work and if it is available and you can WORK IT. YOU WILL GET IT.  JOSHUA

After we are running strong in Costa Rica . Top sales people will be given a chance to work Panama Honduras and Columbia as well.  People this is a chance for a real career, good money and enjoying life.

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