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Look here for the way this works:
YOUR responsibilities:
1. Make contact with owner operators in any
    field but mainly tourist related.
2. Explain how works and how we
    can help each other have a better life.
3. When they say yes sign me up.
    A. Take photos of anything that might be of interest.
    B. Get all information about the business.
    C. Get their website name if they have one, so we can
        direct people there from the site in
    D. Build the site and and let them see it online. You will 
         be doing this on location soon. Before you leave his 
         place the website will be up.
4.  Check on your people from time to time. Let them know
     you are working for them.
5.  MAKE sure the business meets our approval,
       Fair prices, Friendly people, Fun, and no Fear (safe)

Your Commission for the above is %20 of the fee collected.
    Example we rent a room of  your client for $60 you make  
    $12.   We we have a contest and give a room away and   
    they chose your client for the room you make the same as 
    we do zero. BUT that is how we build the business for us 
    all, that same guy may rent the room every year from now
    on and you make the fee each time as long as you are   
    working with us..  

Food, depends on the restaurant type , from 5 to 8 meals
a month. 

Always ask any question...