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As the first of 4 partners comes onboard with www.ticotimes.us <http://www.ticotimes.us> the ads begin to cover the area of Costa Rica we will first go to work in. As the second partner comes onboard we have man on the ground for 3 months, building the business.  As the 3rd partner comes onboard we start the online magazine www.CostaRicaLifestyles.info <http://www.CostaRicaLifestyles.info> and as the 4th partner comes onboard we execute the 12 Miss Funrunners Costa Rica Contest and concerts, soon the whole country knows what www.ticotimes.us <http://www.ticotimes.us> is and wants to be apart of it, the magazine is posting the deals as well as real information about Costa Rica. Each month has a medical, dental, real estate, retirement, tours, investors, and shopping section. As well as recommended only advertisers, also a special on one town, photos , video, text , everything about that one town.
So much More..........

OK SACRED THE ECONOMY IS WEAK. Yeah right, and that is GREAT for us.
Every Hotel, B & B , restaurant, tour, bar, nightclubs, private business will pull us in the door to sign up. And then they
never will leave us.
2,000,000 tourist a year, off about 300,000 this year expected, so lets just take off about 500,000 to safer than safe.
1,200,000 tourist a year,
I am looking for 4 partners Investment is $25,000 1/2 on signup and 1/2 in 60 days .
This is real. I am Josh Porter a real estate appraiser in Alabama. www.Southlandappraisers.com <http://www.Southlandappraisers.com> is me my number is
256 237 1749 , I am looking for partners to start this now. I need to be there soon knocking on doors,

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