Funrunners    Concepts
1. will give you the overall idea of the Single Fraternity Funrunners.  Funrunners is a private invitation only group of  my friends and my friends by proxy.  Here to help make single life more enjoyable.
2.  the Single Fraternity Funrunners website that is coming up and can be pledged now.  Like a college fraternity you can pledge Funrunners but to be a member you must be recommended by a member or members.   We are not priest nor pagans, we are a basic moral group, that are patriots to our country and our religion, whatever country or religion that is.  I will drop you like a hot rock if you do not maintain a reasonable behavior.  Just a respect for others pretty well covers it.
3. the idea is simple. Single People having fun making friends and movies.  Comedy travel movies, Spoof Horror movies, get on the plane read your script on the plane. These will be a 2 or 3 day shootings.  You see our goal is not to be MGM.  Our Goal is to enjoy the journey and help where we can. The proceeds from Movies, contests, concert will go to support red door kitchens to feed kids in latin america as well as other things to help make a difference.
4. will give you the overall idea of the Miss  Funrunners Contest.  We are starting in Costa Rica, then Panama, then Columbia, Italy, Spain, Australia, etc, etc.  The Day we land in the Atlanta airport to start the Funrunners USA, we will be landing with 100 of the Classiest Single Ladies in the world. the Miss Funrunners Contest is not a bikini contest, we are looking for a leader for Funrunners of Costa Rica
5. will give you the Truth about Costa Rica the Good, Bad and the Ugly. This is to be the online magazine you can count on. All advertisers are invited, if they are not recommended by us they can not run an ad.  We are going to have deals you can not believe from the website, where we are helping recommended owner operated businesses in Costa Rica.  This magazine will be a monthly, and have monthly contest, example, $500 for the selected cover photo, $300 for animal photo of the month, $300 for the selected  insect photo, sunset photo, tour tip with photo, etc, we are going to have about $3,00o in contest each month for our subscribers.
Small investors needed for this venture. 
6.  will give you the overall Funrunners idea to make  a difference for the people of Nicaragua.
7.  this is where we will one day send out one email that goes to a million members, or we send an email to a zip code and say funrunners movie preview night, be at the mall at  7pm. From large to small events.   Making friends
all over the world...

8. www.HondurasLifestyles  will give you the overall Funrunners idea to make  a difference for the people of Nicaragua.